Hatzolah Covid-19 Wellness programme

The COVID-19 WELLNESS MONITORING PROGRAMME HAS BEEN LAUNCHED! This programme is for any community member who has tested positive for COVID-19, is displaying symptoms of the virus and waiting for their test results, or is experiencing the symptoms associated with the virus but can’t be tested due to extenuating circumstances.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I'VE SIGNED UP? One of our COVID-19 wellness volunteers will contact you within 24 - 48 hours. They will deliver:

One of our medics will explain to you how to use them both, and you will sign an indemnity form. Your wellness volunteer will contact you once every two days, once a day, or twice a day based on your risk level. Phone calls will be made between 08h00-10h00 in the morning and 16h00-18h00 in the afternoon throughout your isolation to track your wellbeing by asking you some questions.

Please note! The communication channels for this programme should not be used to confirm that you are positive or to ask for advice. Only use it once your GP has diagnosed you. This is also not an emergency line. If you are experiencing any life-threatening symptoms such as difficulty breathing, please call your GP or our emergency line immediately.