Shaun Zagnoev

Above Board 16.8.19

The guiding ethos of the AJC is not only to further the safety and well-being of world Jewry, but also to find ways in which Jews can contribute to global peace and prosperity. Every year, an AJC delegation visits a different part of the world to meet with the local Jewish community and engage with leaders and opinion-makers over political, economic and regional challenges, including antisemitism. This year they are visiting South Africa and Mozambique and the SAJBD has partnered with them in organising the itinerary. In the course of this week they have met or will be meeting with the Jewish community leadership, government officials, senior political figures (including a past president), academics and business leaders.

The Board has a very close and cordial working relationship with the AJC going back many years, in large part thanks to the unstinting support of Stan and Marian Bergman. Stan and Marian left South Africa way back in 1976, but they have never forgotten their roots and remain meaningfully connected to the country and its Jewish community, including through their generous support for local universities. A past president of the AJC, Stan was also instrumental in the establishment of the AJC’s Africa Desk. It has been a pleasure to welcome them back to South Africa, together with the other distinguished members of the delegation, and we thank them for helping our community remain a connected, relevant and indeed respected component of global Jewry.

University exams and Yom Tov

With the Three Weeks of mourning culminating in Tisha B’Av now behind us, just six weeks remain of the present year before the commencement of the main Jewish festival season. It is around this time that the Board is particularly called upon to address problems of university exams being set on the chaggim. As anticipated, a number of UNISA students have already contacted us concerning scheduling clashes, and no doubt other will be brought to our attention in the coming weeks. Working closely with the relevant institutions, we have in the past fortunately been able to resolve nearly all problems of this nature, but in order for us to continue doing so, we rely on the students concerned to inform us about their situation in good time. Those with scheduling clashes who have not yet informed the Board are therefore strongly advised to do so as soon as possible by writing to

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Rape is not Resistance. Nor is taking hostages an act of social justice. Hamas is not a freedom fighting organisation. Rather, it is one dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel and which portrays Jews as being an intrinsically evil people who must be hunted down and killed wherever they might be. It says so in its Charter, and its heinous attack on Israeli civilians on 7 October bears this out.

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Naked Jew-hatred behind Kasrils’ feting of Hamas atrocities

“A brilliant, spectacular guerilla warfare attack”. Thus has Ronnie Kasrils described the systematic butchery of over 1200 Jewish civilians carried out by Hamas on 7 October ( Speaking at a BDS SA event over the weekend, Kasrils made no attempt to conceal his glee over the massacre, the worst mass slaughter of Jewish men, women and children since the Holocaust nearly 80 years ago.