Anti-Israel protesters descend on on Jewish areas

Anti-Israel protesters descend on Jewish areas. We will not be intimidated.

Today, 28 October, anti-Israel protesters came into our Jewish suburbs, waving their Hamas flags and chanting anti-Israel slogans, in an effort to bait our Jewish community. They provocatively chose to do so on our Holy Sabbath. They made their way through our areas to the Jewish community centre, Beyachad. Sadly for them, they simply stood outside an empty building, venting their spleen to the wind. Then, in hate-filled rage tore down posters of the hostages, including those of the babies that remain captive.

Our Chairperson Prof Karen Milner personally witnessed these Jew-haters do their best to bait and provoke our community.

Nonetheless, the Jewish community stood unbowed, refusing to be intimidated. The CSO were fully prepared for any eventuality ensuring the community was protected and that no one was in danger of being hurt and injured.

We would like to thank the Joburg MMC for transport, Mr Kenny Kunene, who was there in person and was emphatic in his determination to protect the Jewish community, as well as SAPS and JMPD for their assistance in ensuring that no-one was harmed.

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