The Board celebrates the release of South African hostages from Gaza

The SAJBD celebrates the release of South Africans, Aviva Siegel (64 years old) and Channah Peri (79) from Gaza. Both were captured by Hamas terrorists during their heinous and unprovoked attack on Israel on 7 October.

Aviva is a kindergarten teacher and was kidnapped from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, together with her American husband, Keith, who is still being held.

Channah Peri was from Kibbutz Nirim. The mother of three, one of her sons, Roey, was killed on 7 October. Her other son, Nadav, is still being held hostage.

The SAJBD thanks Qatar, Egypt, Israel and the USA for facilitating the ceasefire and release of hostages and allowing the enabling of South African citizens being freed. We also express our disappointment that the South African government has played and continues to play no meaningful role in the release of the hostages, which is the factor that has ultimately resulted in this temporary ceasefire.

The SAJBD continues to call for the release of all the hostages. We respect the families’ need for privacy and continue to offer our prayers and support to them at this very difficult time.

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