​​The SAJBD welcomes apology from Bongani Masuku, Cosatu

The SAJBD welcomes apology from Bongani Masuku, Cosatu

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) welcomes the apology to the Jewish community from Bongani Masuku and the Congress of South African Trade Unions. In terms of the judgment handed down last week by the Constitutional Court, Mr Masuku and Cosatu were required to apologise for a statement that the court ruled to be hate speech against the Jewish community. The apology received on the 23rd of February reads:

“Mr Masuku and Cosatu hereby tender their unconditional apology to the Jewish community and regret the harm caused”

We are pleased that the courts have affirmed that there is no place for statements that are harmful, that incite harm and propagate hatred in our constitutional democracy.

This brings to a close a long-running dispute involving many years of litigation between the parties. We hope that henceforth our two organisations, even when we disagree, will always engage with one other in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

Issued by Wendy Kahn

National Director, SAJBD

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