We are disgusted by Hamas presence in South Africa

We are disgusted by Hamas presence in South Africa

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Hamas is an antisemitic organisation that is dedicated to the destruction of Jews: Rape is not Resistance.

Rape is not Resistance. Nor is taking hostages an act of social justice. Hamas is not a freedom fighting organisation. Rather, it is one dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel and which portrays Jews as being an intrinsically evil people who must be hunted down and killed wherever they might be. It says so in its Charter, and its heinous attack on Israeli civilians on 7 October bears this out.

Hamas proudly affirms its intention of perpetrating more massacres against the Jewish state. One of its political bureau member, Ghazi Hamad, confirmed that in a television interview on 24 October, when he declared that Hamas would carry out further such attacks “again and again” until Israel was completely destroyed.

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) is disgusted by the presence of Hamas on our soil. Three Hamas representatives, including its representative in Iran, Dr Khaled Qaddoumi, are currently in South Africa to attend a Palestinian solidarity event. This is the same Dr Khaled Qaddoumi who lied on SABC TV when he denied that Hamas was holding children hostage.

Currently, 161 Israelis and other nationalities civilians, including children, are still being held as hostages in Gaza. Those that have been released are telling of their mistreatment. Here is a video of those lies, and of images of the children who were freed.

The SAJBD also finds it ironic that Hamas is being welcomed to South Africa during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (25 November - 10 December). During the 7 October terror attacks, many women were brutally raped, the perpetrators later revealing that they received orders to “dirty the women and children.” Video footage of these atrocities, taken by the rapists themselves and afterwards triumphantly disseminated online to publicise their great victory, has since gone viral.

The SAJBD is saddened by all loss of innocent lives in this conflict. We call on our government to demand from Hamas the unconditional release all the hostages.

The Bibas family kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October

The Bibas family kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October

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