What makes this month’s issue of JL different from all other issues of JL?

What makes this month’s issue of Jewish Life different from all other issues of Jewish Life?

Because of the lockdown, the March Issue of Jewish Life will only be available online, not in print! We need your help please to get the word out. Please can you share this news with your friends, family, colleagues, fellow congregants, etc.

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Clarity on Jewish issues as relates to SA lockdown

Dear Jewish Community

We applaud our President for his decisive action communicated in his speech last night.

These important steps are of critical importance in giving our country a realistic prospect of dealing with this pandemic.

We as a community need to be disciplined and responsible at all times in abiding by these measures so that achieve the required outcomes.

There is no doubt that painful sacrifices will need to be made, but it is pivotal in terms of our country being able to get on top of this virus and ultimately for lives to be saved.