Articles, Theses & Books pertaining to SA Jewry and Jewish Studies, 2019 & Additions for 2014-2018

Juan-Paul Burke is the Librarian and Archivist for the Pretoria Hebrew Congregation. He has previously worked for University of Cape Town Libraries in their Jewish Studies Branch Library housed in the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research.

This is a follow on from the bibliography presented in JA Pesach 2019 Articles, Theses & Books pertaining to SA Jewry and Jewish Studies, 2018 & additions for 2014-2017. As the title suggests, you can expect to find the year 2019 well covered in this bibliography, as well as additions for the years 2014-2018 that had escaped my net.

As noted in my previous bibliographies I have excluded anything from local community publications since as goes without saying they will as a matter of course be filled with South African Jewish content. Also excluded are articles in non-Jewish or overseas newspapers and magazines. I have included academic, popular and religious texts found in academic journals, or as books or theses. A couple of new websites are also included as well as films. These are not hard and fast parameters, though, and there will always be exceptions.

This listing cannot be claimed to be comprehensive and it is more than likely that certain relevant items have been missed. I appeal to readers to inform me of any edits or suggestions of additions to the bibliography (

My reference style is based on UCT author-date. The slight variance is for links at the end of a reference where I have dropped “Available:” before the link and the date accessed at the end. Several subjects are represented including education, history, antisemitism, holocaust, politics, literature, art, music, religion, business, genealogy and Yiddish.


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(Additions to bibliography in JA Pesach 2019)


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