Minister Pandor lashes out at the SAJBD

Minister Pandor lashed out at the SAJBD, threatening us and one of our leaders. Why? Because we dared to challenge her.

Hamas, in addition to brutally murdering 1400 Israelis in one day, is currently holding 239 hostages. Not once in her statement did Minister Pandor even mention this fact. Instead of campaigning for Hamas to release these hostages, something that could make a ceasefire possible, Minister Pandor has attacked the South African Jewish community, singling out our Vice President Zev Krengel. She accuses him of lying. This is an age-old antisemitic trope implying that Jews cannot be trusted. Minister Pandor, the beheading of Jewish babies is confirmed. It was documented and publicised by Hamas themselves. The grotesque footage is readily available. However, the accusation feels reminiscent of Holocaust deniers requiring the Jewish community provide proof that Six Million really did die during the Holocaust.

DIRCO is clearly out of touch. The free world, including countless ordinary South Africans recognise Hamas as an ISIS style Jihadist organisation that needs to release the hostages and be held accountable for their crimes.

Minister Pandor refers to a tiny, fringe minority of Jews, who she alludes to as the “good Jews”, just as the Apartheid South African government paraded a minority of Black South Africans who supported their Bantustan system.

If her attack on the Jewish community intended to silence and intimidate us, it will not work.

Her communication with Hamas and her visit to Iran would be laughable if it did not have such serious international implications and consequences for our country.

DIRCOs twisted statement is as indicative of its contempt for its own Jewish citizens as it is reinforcement of her inappropriate support for Hamas.

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