Naked Jew-hatred Kasrils

Naked Jew-hatred behind Kasrils’ feting of Hamas atrocities

“A brilliant, spectacular guerilla warfare attack”. Thus has Ronnie Kasrils described the systematic butchery of over 1200 Jewish civilians carried out by Hamas on 7 October ( Speaking at a BDS SA event over the weekend, Kasrils made no attempt to conceal his glee over the massacre, the worst mass slaughter of Jewish men, women and children since the Holocaust nearly 80 years ago.

“They swept on them and they killed them and damn good. I was so pleased and people who support resistance applauded” declared Kasrils with a broad smile on his face.

Not just Jewish people but all people with a grain of humanity were appalled by the atrocities perpetrated on that hideous day, an unprecedented orgy of slaughter, torture and rape in which babies, the elderly and the disabled were targeted with as much frenzied enthusiasm by the Hamas perpetrators as the able-bodied. The international community at large was further shocked by Hamas’ criminal abduction of over 240 civilian hostages, among them citizens from over twenty nations, for future use as bargaining tools. On 7 October 2023, the world was shown the face of true barbarity. Yet Ronnie Kasrils rejoices and delights in those monstrous crimes.

BDS stalwart Na’eem Jeenah was sufficiently inspired by Kasrils’ celebration of the Hamas murder spree to share it without comment on his X account. Why, one can only wonder, would someone feted by the media as a Middle East expert so clearly endorse the celebration of genocide? BDS SA spokesperson Roshan Dadoo was present when Kasrils was speaking. What exactly was her reaction at the time?

All this goes to show, yet again, the falseness of the claims of BDS and their ilk to be a 'human rights’ movement. That mask has now unambiguously slipped to reveal for all to see the vile Jew hatred lurking behind the cause it supposedly espouses.

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