Yom Hashoah: Lessons for South Africa

The regional branches of the Board are currently organising the annual Yom Hashoah ceremonies in their respective centres around the country. Perhaps more than any other date on the Jewish communal calendar, Yom Hashoah is the day that brings together Jews from across the spectrum, from the strictly Orthodox to the fully secular and all those in between.

Exam Alert

The Board is working closely with the relevant universities, including Wits, UNISA and the Universities of Johannesburg to address problems relating to exams being set on Yom Tov or Shabbat.

Duty to Vote

We often hear about people’s “right to vote”. What is much less emphasized is the concept of there also being a “duty to vote”, such a duty being incumbent on the citizens of any democratic state

SAJBD Remembers Argentina

During the meeting earlier this month of the World Jewish Congress in Buenos Aires, delegates including representatives from the SAJBD attended‎ a ceremony at the Israeli Embassy to mark the 25th anniversary of the terrorist attack there.

World Jewish Congress meeting in Buenos Aires.

For a relatively small community, South African Jewry has always prided itself on punching above its weight, in the international as well as the local context. In both respects, last week was an especially noteworthy one.

Leon Levy’s Inspiring Legacy

At the 2015 SAJBD National Conference, we were privileged to honour Leon Levy for his lifetime of devoted and courageous service to the struggle for justice in South Africa.

UK, US and Canada confront the BDS Fraud

For the past decade and more, a global campaign has been underway aimed at boycotting the State of Israel at all levels, be it in the economic, diplomatic, cultural, academic or sporting spheres. Going under the name Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), it is modelled on the South African example, where international isolation played a key part in the downfall of the apartheid regime.