Online Racism

Confronting the problem of online racism continues to be a dominate subject in the media, with many public figures and commentators adding their voices to the debate. The process of naming and shaming those who propagate hatred on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or other such grounds is often an effective ways of discouraging such offensive conduct.

Say ‘No’ to Online Racism

One of the main stories in the media in the opening weeks of 2016 has been the public’s outrage over various racist comments that have appeared in the social media. Such outrage is welcome, and indeed overdue. 

The Year Ahead – Challenges and Opportunities

We are now well into the lead-up to South Africa’s fifth municipal elections in the post-1994 era. For the 2014 national and provincial elections, the Board conducted a multifaceted election awareness campaign and volunteer drive for our community and, albeit on a smaller scale, we hope to do so again this time round.